We are a design and innovation agency and we help ambitious clients create improvement and innovation through new servicesnew brands and new ways of doing business. Our work makes people happier and your business more profitable.

Goodmorning Technology is led by the owners, Lars Thomsen & Nille Halding.

We use a multi-disciplinary task force of people like designers, architects, thinkers, social anthropologists, strategists to help create strategic practices in insight, business, technology and design. Besides our core team in Copenhagen, we are working with a network to solve projects around the globe. We apply the same energy and creativity whether intended for rural Ghana or downtown Manhattan.

Our experience and solid methods in both strategy, user driven design and customer research enables us to seamlessly integrate our research activities into design and innovation processes.

We have a urge to translate your needs into astonishing creative ideas. Our output covers user insights, marketing strategies and design of every kind, from ideas to production. Always created by people with very different backgrounds and deep insight in their fields.



We’ve found a pretty good way of making design and innovation that works: we invent solutions that people use and remember. Therefore, it works.

All of our creative output is tied to our insights and solid strategic planning. Our role is to create with a holistic approach and merge different fields and elements such as habits, society, business, technology, people and culture to give new answers for the new questions of tomorrow. All in all, a work- and think-sphere for greater solutions of change, innovation and growth.


Focus areas

We are decidedly non-specialized in market sectores. Many clients comes to us for that reason alone, to get fresh perspectives on their brands and markets. Instead we have two main focus areas:

We help start-ups and spin-offs with insight and targeting; designing the business model; identity; portfolio strategy; brand-creation; packaging strategy, web sites and launching the game changing brand.

We also help larger organizations innovate through established strategic engagements. Retainer-based collaborations focused on consumer and market strategy, brand-building, packaging strategy, visual identity and graphic communication, ensuring that the work is efficiently implemented in the corporate culture and in the market.



Research & Insight
We are experts in the change of user behaviour that is facing businesses and organizations. People do not follow a linear process,  but on the contrary they connect in a semi-chaotic, circular process. With a merge of human science, analytical methods and consumer insight, we investigate the patterns and observe the daily life of real people.


The strategy is focused on developing a point of view that informs all work on an account and every effort entails a strategic component. Our strategies has led to sharp turns in strategy or dramatic internal reorganizations for some of our clients. For others, efforts have focused on incremental change. We always emphasize long-term problem solving over short-term solutions. From high-level brand strategy to consumer profiling, from marketplace analysis to technology assessment, from design strategy to communications planning, our strategic efforts are comprehensive and action-oriented.

Design & Implementation

Our team are highly experienced designers, architects and developers. We have a long track record of high profiled and sustainable design solutions.




Lars Thomsen
Managing Director
m: +45 2814 0995

As Goodmorning Technology´s Managing Director, Lars is responsible for reaching the business targets together with the rest of the managing team and the employees. He leads the firm in its never-ending goal to be a meaningfully different partner to our clients and to grow our relationships. In addition to steering the firm through its growth, Lars works very closely with a range of clients on some of their most interesting challenges. He has deep expertise in FMCG and the media industry, having led design and advertising projects for some of the world’s biggest fast consumer brands. Prior to Goodmorning Technology, Lars led advertising programs as a project manager at Adtomic Communications. Lars is co-founder and board member at Copenhagen Parts. He is to be found at network groups with other managing directors in the creative industry and is educated New Media Manager.

Nille Halding
Creative Director
m: +45 2670 6516

Nille is a creative director who helps teams find solutions by making interaction and immersive brands that tell a story. With a digital design background, interaction, websites and identities is close to Nille, and as a managing partner she is part of reaching the business targets and the growth strategies and the management on daily basis and strategic level. Nille is in charge of the company´s Human Resource with focus on good working environment and hiring. Prior to Goodmorning Technology Nille has been working in London for as a designer at Digit. Nille is co-founder and board member at Copenhagen Parts.

If you want to know anything about boats and sailing, ask Nille as she used more or less her entire childhood on the sea, when not playing soccer on the fields of Denmark.
Nille is a specialist in UI and digital interaction and in identity building. She is also our packaging strategy expert. She got her education from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and finished at the digital education Space Invaders.


Company facts


Owner ship structure
Lars Thomsen & Nille Halding own the company

Company Registration Number
DK10 12 19 22

NORDEA BANK, Copenhagen
Account: 2191 – 627 378 4355
IBAN no.: DK6920006273784355

NymarkChristensen A/S
Skindergade 38
1159 København K



Press kit

If you are interested in our work and would like more information and/or images – feel free to contact us at press@gmtn.dk
We have an excellent Dropbox and are able to upload high – or low res images in a wizz.